Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Big 3-0!

I turned the big 3-0 on Sept. 2nd. It didn't really bother me too much. It was actually a pretty great day. I worked half a day, enjoyed lunch with a coworker, and shopping at the mall and DSW. My mom had me a cake when I got home. Josh took me to dinner that night at Ristorante Capeo. The risotto was excellent! I got to wear a fun little red dress that I borrowed from Karen and felt thirty and flirty!

Josh also threw me a birthday party for me and Andrea at YaYa's on Sept. 9th. The food was fabulous, and I had a great time!

Picture of the Yummy Cake!

 The 9/2/81 duo!

We were done with dinner and everything was going so great. Then I coughed really hard and my heart started racing. I tried to breath slow and calm it down, but it was not working. One of my friends took my heart rate and it was 160 bpm. It felt awful, like my heart was trying to jump out of my chest! I knew I had to go to the ER so Josh and I drove to AR Heart Hospital and they took me back within ten minutes. They ran several tests and asked lots of questions. The doctor decided I was in Atrial flutter. He then put a medicine in my IV that metabolised within seven seconds. This caused me to be short of breath and feel very flushed.

Here's a picture after my heart rate was down.

It was all very scary! I didn't know exactly what was wrong with me. This was a big dose of reality that I am growing older and Marfan Syndrome is not too kind to the aging. The doctor was not sure what caused the Atrial flutter, but low potassium could be one cause, and mine was low. Another cause can me Mitral Valve Prolapse, which I have. I will follow up with my cardiologist this week so we can make sure I am ok. I do have to say that the doctor and nurses at AR Heart Hospital are excellent and made me feel comfortable.

For right now, I am taking it easy and counting my blessings! I am trying not to focus on the negative and the what-ifs. I know that God has a great plan for my life and it does not involve hospitals.

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